How and when to score

How and when to lameness score

  • Scoring should occur at least once a month.
  • It should be done at a time when the whole herd can be assessed. Ideally this can be done as the cows are walking out of the dairy after milking.
  • Score cows on an even, hard, non-slip surface.
  • Look at the foot placement, arching of the back and bobbing of the head to determine the level of lameness.
  • Record how many cows are score 0 and 1
  • Any cow that is a score 2 or 3 should be recorded and cut out for treatment as soon as possible.

Benefits of regular scoring

  • Monitors the effectiveness of your lameness prevention plan
  • Allows prompt detection and treatment of lame cows
  • Improves cow comfort, herd health and milk production